Why active crossings?

Insufficient visibility or lack of pedestrian is one of the main causes of fatal accidents that occur at pedestrian crossings. More than half of accidents involving pedestrians in Poland occurred at crossings, where pedestrians should be particularly protected when crossing the street.

Active crossings are a solution that forces the driver to pay special attention to a pedestrian who intends to cross the road in a designated place. The information provided about this intention to the driver in good time gives a chance to take the right maneuver on his part. Dedicated luminaires with asymmetrical light distribution improve the visibility of pedestrians at night and in difficult weather conditions, and this translates into increased pedestrian safety.

  • photo: TDS S.A.
Aktywne przejście dla pieszych
photo: TDS S.A.

Smartpole Crossing

Active pedestrian crossing

Among the many signage and lighting systems for pedestrian crossings, those that can communicate in a simple and legible way to the driver the presence of a pedestrian in the crossing area deserve attention.

Smartpole Crossing built on the basis of composite poles is an advanced, "intelligent" active passage system equipped with yellow warning lights installed inside the pole standing at the passage, which are activated at the moment of pedestrian detection in the waiting zone. At the same time, with a light signal directed at oncoming vehicles, a voice message is triggered, which strengthens the alertness of pedestrians, including the blind or visually impaired, also those who are staring at their smartphones are approaching the passage.

When leaving the door, the system stops emitting the generated warning signals, thanks to which it does not cause drivers to become accustomed to constantly flashing lights, which are very clearly visible from a distance of 200 m. Composite posts of the Smartpole Crossing system have passive safety features, so they do not pose a threat to drivers in the event of an unintentional collision. Smartpole Crossing is detection, warning and security at the highest level.

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dies on our roads.

Poland is the least pedestrian-friendly country in Europe.
It is in Poland that the largest number of victims is recorded.

Smartpole Crossing

Set contains

2 composite poles

with a standard height of 6m

Modern lighting fixture

LED type with asymmetrical light distribution, enabling the creation of positive luminance contrast - lighting of the pedestrian's silhouette.

Curtainmotion sensor

detecting people approaching a pedestrian crossing. The motion sensor activates warning light signals built into the pole structure.

Illuminated road sign D-6

(optional with T-27) with reflective translucent foil

Warning signaling

in the form of 9 glowing lamps placed in the pole structure - information for the driver visible already from 150m about the appearance of pedestrians at the pedestrian crossing.

Speaker emitting a message

for pedestrians (any message content and language versions) - increases safety by warning with a voice message blind, visually impaired and staring at smartphones approaching the transition area

Smartpole Crossing

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